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05/04/2016 took place a meeting between Vladimir Putin and executives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Federal Migration Service and the Federal Drug Control Service, where the President informed about the merger of Services (the FMS and the FDCS would be under control of the MIA). The question about the FMS and the FDCS dissolution or merger has been discussing since the beginning of 2015. We would like to remember that the FMS was the part of the MIA earlier. However, the following subsidiary ...
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In accordance with the migration legislation, every year a foreign citizen with the residence permit must provide confirmation of his residence in Russia. The non-confirmation is regarded as the violence of migration legislation and leads to such administrative penalties as a penalty equal to 5000-7000 rubles and an administrative expulsion from the Russian Federation (applicable for Moscow, Saint-Petersburg and its regions). In its turn, the administrative expulsion leads to the cancellation of ...
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19/02/2016 there has come into force the FMS order, according to which the process of work permits arrangement has undergone several changes (the FMS order # 574 d/d 30.12.2015). The demand connected with the terms of passport validity of foreign Employees could be regarded as the most important novelty for most of Employers. In accordance with the new order the passport of foreign Employees (including highly qualified specialists) must be valid for at least 1 year since the date of documents submitting ...
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