The application process for the employers interested in foreign labor is lengthened

Moscow Center for Labor Exchange ( MCLE ) started accepting applications for the quota in 2015 and 2014 quotas correction.

This year, the following significant changes to the application procedure were introduced :

1. The deadlines were extended. Last year  applications for a quota and the correction of the quota in 2013 could be submitted until May 1. Starting from the year 2015 application deadline for the quota is going to be July 01, and the application for adjustment of quotas  - September 1.

2 . The list of documents required to apply for a quota was also changed. Like last year, MCLE requires two applications for quota and a power of attorney for the representative of the company. A letter of guarantee (new form), originals and certified copies of  an extract from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities , a Taxpayer Identification Number and a Lease Agreement ( the originals are returned to the employer after applying for a quote) must be also provided.

Please contact our consultants for more information regarding applications to Moscow Center for Labor Exchange