Abolition of visa regulations between Russia and Mongolia

An agreement of abolition of the visa regulations between Russia and Mongolia comes into force on 14 November 2014, according to the agreement signed on the 3th September 2014 between the Government of the Russian Federation and the Government of Mongolia. That means that the citizens of both countries can make mutual visits without a visa, on condition that the planned duration of stay in the country will not exceed 30 days. At the same time the total number of days in one half year (180 days) must not exceed 90 days.

It should be noted that prior to the date of entry into force of the agreement, the Russian citizens need visas, as before, which can be applied through the Consular Section of the Embassy of Mongolia in Russia. The only exceptions exist for the inhabitants of the Russian regions bordering with Mongolia. There are special conditions for them which continue to operate – reductive procedure of entry with internal passports with the local registration stamp and certificate for the single border crossing, which is issued in Russian and Mongolian languages ​​at the regional offices of the Federal Migration Service of Russia and the Chief Administration of Police of Mongolia.

It is also important that the visa regime will continue to operate after November 14 for citizens traveling to the territory of Mongolia for more than 30 days, or for those who are planning to undertake labor or commercial activity in the territory of the country. Similar rules apply to citizens of Mongolia in respect of the Russian Federation.

This practice of visa free entry already existed between Russia and Mongolia before. But in 1995, on the initiative of the Mongolian side it was canceled. Resumption of it, according to many experts, will help to strengthen the mutually beneficial relations between countries in respect of business, culture and tourism.