Latest News in the Migration Legislation of the Russian Federation

1. The receipt of documents for the quota is renewed
Applications for the quota are being received as from January 11, 2015. The process of application submitting includes three stages: 1. Presentation of data to the regional office of the Employment Center; 2. Preparation of the application in the electronic office of the company at; 3. Submission of the application for the quota to the authorized body of the territorial entity of the Russian Federation. The following deadlines for the application submission have been established: documents for the quota of 2017 may be filled until June 16, 2016, and the documents for the quota adjustment - until 21.10.2016.
2. The Directorate of External Labor Migration of the Federal Migration Service Department of Russia for Moscow has moved
Since January 12, 2016, the External Labor Migration Directorate of the Federal Migration Service Department of Russia for Moscow (issuing of work permits for foreign citizens) accepts documents at a new address: Moscow, Voronovskoye Settlement, Varshavskoye Highway, 64th kilometer, estate 1, bld. 47, . You can get to the state agency office by bus from the Annino metro station. The buses go daily since 6:35 am with an interval of 20 to 50 minutes. The one-way trip costs 150 rubles.
3. The amount of payment for the patent as from January 01, 2016
On January 01, 2016 the amount of the fixed advance personal income tax payment for patents entitling the CIS citizens to work in Moscow, was changed. Currently the amount of payment runs at 4200 rubles, and in case of a delinquent payment the patent shall be deemed invalid.
4. Touring activity of foreign citizens in the Russian Federation
The amendments to the migration legislation governing touring activity of foreign citizens have entered into force. Thus, if a foreign citizen is a creative professional and plans a trip to the Russian Federation with a purpose of public performance of literary compositions, works of art or folk art, he/she will not require a work permit, if the duration of his/her stay does not exceed 30 calendar days. In this the case he/she will enter the Russian Federation by virtue of a business visa, and a civil contract shall be made with the inviting party on a remuneration basis.
5. Executing of invitations for citizens of Georgia
According to the comments of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the process of annealing of the Russian-Georgian relations is currently underway. The regional offices of the Federal Migration Service of Russia must renew the executing of business, academic and humanitarian invitations to enter the Russian Federation for the Georgian citizens within the framework of this process. It is to be recalled that only relatives (having the Russian citizenship or residence permit) could issue invitations to the Georgian citizens formerly.
6. Issuing of two foreign passports
According to the Federal Law, which entered into force on December 17, 2015, the citizen of the Russian Federation may receive a second biometric foreign passport. Additionally, the second passport will be issued for 10 years since the date of the document submission (the term of the second passport was restricted by the term of the first passport earlier on).
7. Registration of citizens of the Republic of Belarus in the Russian Federation
The amendments, in accordance therewith citizens of Belarus are released from a necessity of registration within 90 calendar days since the date of entry, have been made to the Agreement on the citizen’s rights for freedom of movement and choice of place of residence between the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus. In case of an extended stay in the Russian Federation citizens of Belarus shall file documents for the migration registration in advance (no later than 7 business days prior to the expiration of the specified period).