Russia toughened up visa regime for Germany

Starting from November 1, 2010 German citizens applying for Russian visa must provide a number of new documents. Official notification was sent to the German side of the Russian consulate in Munich October 26, 2010.

According to this document the applicant for a tourist or private visa, must add to previously required documents a proof of their return to a country of residence. It may be a certificate of employment on the availability of regular income or proof of income from other sources, a certificate of registration of own business, property certificate.

For a business visa Germans have to present a certificate of registration of own business or employer confirmation of the existence of the employment relationship on letterhead of the organization and with mention of employee's position, his monthly earnings and purpose of the trip to Russia.

Such harsh measures the Russian side argues the so-called "reciprocity principle" and refers to similar requirements for many years imposed by consulates of Germany to the citizens of the Russian Federation.

YK Consulting draws your attention that the changes do not touch the procedures of obtaining invitations in the Russian Federal Migration Service.