The automatically filling of the migration cards

On September 10, 2011 K.O. Romodanovsky, Director of Russian Federal Migration Service, presented within an experimental project in terminal "D" of "Sheremetyevo" airport a new electronic information system, which enables an automatically filling of the migration cards in the cabins of passport control.

It is no coincidence that terminal "D" of the Sheremetyevo airport was chosen for installation and testing of the new equipment. With a high foreign passenger flow, it was necessary to test the system under at high loading level.

A bit of statistics. The number of the foreign citizens and persons without citizenship crossing the state border of the Russian Federation in the terminal "D" airport Sheremetyevo:

On arrival - 2 thousand / day, on departure - 1800/day,
In a month on arrival - 60 thousand, on departure - 54 thousand,
In a year on arrival - 720 thousand, on departure - 650 thousand.

Introduction of a new automatic system of filling in and issuing of migration cards in the cabins (48 in total) in the terminal "D" of "Sheremetyevo" airport allows to transmit in real-time mode the full information on the entry and exit of foreign citizens and persons without citizenship to the automatic system of the database of foreign citizens registration and will exclude errors due to manual processing of migration cards by employees of the migration service.

Besides, foreign nationals are not required to fill in the migration card manually.

The experiment has already started earlier in "Vnukovo" and "Domodedovo" Moscow airports, where automatic systems of filling in and issue of migration cards were installed.

As part of the project, there was demonstrated a new mobile complex of the FMS of Russia with special equipment for operative access to the information bases of the agency.