German Visa Application Center is opening in Moscow

A new visa center that is going to receive applications for Schengen visas for the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany is opening in Moscow on January, 14 2013. Several changes will be made accordingly.

All information about the process of making a visa, in particular, regarding the documents required, will be available on the web-site of the visa center. Alternatively, one can receive all necessary information by making a phone call or writing an email to a visa center representative. The registration for applications will be opened on January, 4 2013. The applicants will be able to register via telephone call or an email. The document submission will be opened on January 14 2013; the documents can be submitted personally or by the power of attorney. The notary certification is not required. Upon the submission of the application one has to pay a visa fee, which is then sent to the Embassy, along with a service fee of the visa center.

The tracking information regarding the progress of visa processing will be available on the web site of the visa center. Applicants will be notified about the availability of the passport by an SMS message.

One should be aware that the decision to issue a visa still remains a jurisdiction of the Embassy. Applications for working, business, student and family reunification visas can be submitted exclusively to the Visa Department of the Embassy. In this case one has to register using the visa center. Any other applications, if desired, still can be submitted directly to the Visa Department of the Embassy.