Romanian entry into the "Schengen" may be delayed

Scheduled for the spring of 2011 Romania's accession to the Schengen Agreement may be postponed on the initiative of France - REGNUM IA referring to the Romanian edition NewIn.

According to the French Secretary of State for European Affairs, Pierre Lellouche, his Government had doubts about the quality of control at the Moldovan-Romanian state border, but is also concerned about the Bucharest's policy regarding the issuance of Romanian passports for Moldavians, instability in Transnistria and the high level of corruption in Ukraine.

The Romanian government, by-turn, stressed that joining the Schengen is a priority task of the state. At the same time, Romanian Adviser to the President Leonard Orban lamented that this process may take years due to the French position.

It will be recalled that Russians need a visa to Romania, which can be obtained at the Romanian embassy located on Mosfilmovskaya street, Moscow.