Priority Visa Service is available now in all UK Visa Centers in Russia

Priority Visa Service has become available for all applicants for visas to the UK, who submit documents in Russia.
According to the information which can be found at the Britain visa center website, this service is available for the applicants complying with the following requirements:

-  applying for 6 months or 1 year visit visa categories such as Business, Sports, Child / Family, General, Student visit;
- have visited the United Kingdom for the last 2 years.

Application for Priority Visas has to be made online by appointment at the website As before, each applicant has to fill in an application form and appoint the date of a visit to the Visa Center at the mentioned website. Priority Visa service fee is 7560 rubles and should be paid in addition to the standard visa fees. Unlike standard visa fees, Priority Visa service fee must be paid in cash at the Visa Center in person while the applicant submit the documents and give biometrics.
Due to the Priority Visa Service implementation, the other express “premium service” in Saint-Petersburg is cancelled.